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1st Sunday of Lent 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 2/21/23

My Dear People, 

I want to thank the Council of Catholic Women for the bottle project to raise money for special projects in the church.  

From the waters of the Jordan, the Spirit leads Jesus into the desert to be tempted by Satan. This is the rugged Judean wilderness ... Read More »

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 2/13/23

My Dear People, 

 Thank you Nellie Brown, Carol Smart, Susan Szlosek, and Andrea Green for sprucing up the Memorial Garden, Friday, February 10th.  The Garden is now prepared for Spring.

Today the Gospel of Matthew continues with the teachings of Jesus about loving thy neighbor. Jesus continues the dialogue ... Read More »

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 2/06/23

My Dear People, 

Many people thought that since Jesus was kind and generous, especially in the way he dealt with people, that he was going to relax the law. Conversely, Jesus did not come to relax the law but to make it stricter, and he included the interior disposition ... Read More »

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 1/30/23

My Dear People, 

Jesus summons His disciples to be what God’s people were always meant to be--the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  

Salt was used to flavor and preserve food. By living the beatitudes, Jesus’ disciples became the salt of the earth and ... Read More »

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 1/30/23

My Dear People,

Today we read the beatitude from the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew is writing to a Jewish audience who have become Christians. He uses words which have special meaning to the Jewish people. For example, this is called the Sermon on the Mount. 

When the word “mountain” ... Read More »

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 1/30/23

My Dear People,

Sincere thanks and congratulations to everyone who donated to the CFA. We were able to reach the goal in December. 

With the wilderness ordeal behind him, the Messiah returns to the land of His upbringing in Galilee. Prompting this move is news that John the Baptist ... Read More »

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 1/09/23

My Dear People, 

When John saw Jesus coming toward him to be baptized, he announced:  “Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” Without hesitating, John immediately mentions to the people around him that Jesus’ mission was to take away the sins of the world. 

Lambs were sacrificed in the temple to atone for sins. Every Passover celebration recalls the lambs which the forefathers of the Jewish people sacrificed. They marked the door posts with the blood of the lambs, and, afterwards, they roasted and ate the ... Read More »

The Epiphany of the Lord 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 1/02/23

My Dear People, 

The word magi originally described members of the Persian priestly caste and Median who advised kings and interpreted dreams. The term later was used more broadly to denote those who possessed mystical knowledge, including priests, astrologers, soothsayers, or sages. Their popular association with kings today may ... Read More »

Mary, Mother of God 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 12/19/22

My Dear People (Children of Mary),

Happy New Year, everyone. Today, we celebrate Mary, the Mother of God. Once it was doubted if Mary should be called the Mother of God, there are Christians even today who do not believe Mary is the Mother of God. 

At Ephesus, in ... Read More »

The Nativity of the Lord 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 12/12/22

My Dear People, 

I wish for the child Jesus to bless each and every one of you, and your families this year.  It is important for us to reflect on the child because God loved us so much that He did not come as an emperor or ruler, He ... Read More »