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The Ascension of the Lord, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 5/30/22

My Dear People, 

Today, Jesus instructs His Disciples about the fulfillment of the Scriptures and next   announces their future missions. First He explains how it was necessary that everything written about Him in the Old Testament come to fulfillment. He opened their minds to understanding  the Scriptures. He ... Read More »

6th Sunday of Easter, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 5/30/22

My Dear People,

First, I would like to thank all who participated in the synodality meeting last Monday Evening. 

Today we read from the Gospel of John, where Jesus who gives an especially important message before going to the Father. 

Jesus begins with “Whoever loves me will keep my ... Read More »

5th Sunday of Easter, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 5/30/22

My Dear People, 

In today’s readings, St. Paul is not cowed by persecution and physical suffering. He knows that his crisis is the prelude to abundant spiritual fruit. He knows, also, there are many people within the region who embrace the Gospel. St. Luke records progress and success of ... Read More »

4th Sunday of Easter, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 5/09/22

My Dear People,

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers! 

During the month of May we honor Mary. Why is Mary so important in our lives? She was the one chosen by God, to give birth to the Messiah, the Savior, the Son of God. God is all pure, therefore ... Read More »

3rd Sunday of Easter, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 5/02/22

My Dear People,

Jesus initiates a very personal dialogue with Simon Peter, which focuses on the way Peter will bear witness to the risen Lord. It takes place after breakfast, which was prepared on “a charcoal fire” (21:19)—a detail that recalls Peter’s threefold denial of Jesus in Anna’s courtyard, ... Read More »

2nd Sunday of Easter, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 4/25/22

My Dear People,

Write about the importance of making families strong! 

 I am glad that Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill to support Fatherhood in Florida. Why is that important? What happens to the children when the father is absent?    

Statistics state: 

85% of youth who are currently ... Read More »

Easter Sunday 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 4/18/22

My Dear People, 

Happy Easter to Everyone! I want to thank everyone who contributed to the CFA. If you have not contributed, please make a contribution so that we will be able to reach our goal this year. The envelopes are in the vestibule of the church, or you ... Read More »

Palm Sunday, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 4/06/22

My Dear People,

While Jesus reclines with the apostles at the supper table, He gives a farewell address and announces His upcoming suffering, death, and the institution of the Eucharist. All this is part of an unfolding plan that “has been determined” and “must be fulfilled.”  Jesus is not ... Read More »

5th Sunday of Lent, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 3/28/22

My Dear People,

Early in the morning on the next day, Jesus went into the temple area, where he attracted a crowd. While he was teaching, the scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery.  Although the Torah prescribed an investigative test for suspected ... Read More »

4th Sunday of Lent, 2022

Posted by Christy .. on 3/22/22

My Dear People,  

Like the two previous parables, the familiar story of the “prodigal son” highlights the joy in heaven that results from even one sinner who repents. It thus justifies Jesus’ outreach and table fellowship with tax collectors (15:1-2). However, through the accompanying account of the older son, ... Read More »