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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 7/24/23

My Dear People, 

The idea of a hidden treasure not seen by everyone is appropriate for this chapter’s theme about the kingdom not being fully revealed to all. Like the treasure buried in a field, something of great value is present in the kingdom Jesus proclaims, but very few ... Read More »

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 7/18/23

My Dear People,

There is a dramatic shift in Jesus’ teaching method. He spoke to them at length in parables. This is the first time Matthew specifically uses the word parables to describe Jesus’ teaching. While Jesus occasionally spoke in parables before, here He suddenly addresses the crowds “at ... Read More »

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2023

Posted by Christy .. on 7/11/23

My Dear People

Here we are privileged to listen as Jesus addressing His Father in prayer. This is a rare opportunity for readers in Matthew. Only twice more will we hear the Messiah speaking intimately with the Father—when He surrenders Himself to suffering in Gethsemane (26:39,42) and when He ... Read More »