Music Ministry


"God has bestowed upon his people the gift of song.  God dwells within each human person, in the place where music takes its source.  Indeed, God, the giver of song, is present whenever his people sing his praises." (Sing to the Lord 1.)

"Good music makes the liturgical prayers of the Christian community more alive and fervent so that everyone can praise and beseech the Triune God more powerfully, more intently and more effectively." (Sing to the Lord 5.)

At St James, we offer prayer through music in several ways.


Adult Choir

Our adult choir brings richness to the Sacrifice of the Mass by supporting and encouraging active participation by the assembly through song and response.   Anthems reflecting the readings of the day and/or season also bring special meaning to the Liturgy. Those wishing to join the choir should have some musical background, a commitment to the ministry and a love for praising and honoring our Triune God through song is necessary.  All levels of voices are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this beautiful ministry. 

Adult choir meets on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 from September to mid-May. Choir practices for the fall begin on September 20th in the church. New choir members are needed and welcome, so please come out and share your musical gifts!


New cantors are needed!

A cantor is both a singer and a leader of congregational song and as such is an integral part of the Liturgy.  As a singer the cantor will serve as psalmist, leading and proclaiming the verses of the Responsorial Psalm as well as intoning and singing the verse of the Gospel Acclamation.  In addition, the cantor will lead the congregation in the various parts of the sung mass and accompanying hymns.

Those wishing to audition for cantor will have some musical background, be able to read and interpret music and be comfortable singing alone and in front of the gathered assembly.


Cantors meet with the Music Director on a one to one basis.



Those blessed with the gift of creating music through various instruments are encouraged to contact the Music Director to audition.  All instruments that are appropriate for the Liturgy are welcomed.

If you have a desire to share in the Ministry of Music:


Carol LaPerriere, Music Director