23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today Jesus is talking about discipleship and what it takes to be a disciple of Jesus. Jesus explains the cost of discipleship. He insists on three conditions for true discipleship: His followers must subordinate everything to commitment to him, even the closest family ties. They must also be willing to bear the suffering that following him will entail. The burden will differ from person to person, but the requirement is the same—wholehearted commitment. Finally, they will be called on to relinquish all their possessions. Total commitment to Jesus requires the willingness to give up the comfort and security of a stable family life, as well as the willingness to spend all one has on that venture. Whoever cannot make such a wholehearted commitment cannot be his disciple. In being a disciple, one cannot go half-hearted. One must not go for oneself, to aggrandize oneself. The contrary is true- the individual who wants to commit to be a disciple to Christ must deny his very self. This means he must be willing to deny his own comfort, riches, adulation, satisfaction, feeling good. He must separate himself from what the people consider to be successful in this world. He must be willing to sacrifice himself, and he will find fulfillment in his life in knowing that he is following Christ. To be a disciple of Jesus requires total commitment. One cannot be a disciple half-hearted. He will not survive. Unless the individual makes this commitment, he will not have what it takes to stay the course and to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Vincent


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