13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

My Dear People, 

In the Gospel today there are two stories, one story intertwined within another story. We wonder why Mark put it in the Gospel this way and not as a separate story.  Jesus is in a hurry to visit someone who is dying, and all of a sudden he is stopped by something which is very tragic and very emotional that diverts his attention. Although she did not mean to do it this way, she wanted to be healed, and she did not know how to ask for a condition such as hers. The doctors at the time did not have the medicine or knowhow of how to cure this woman with the hemorrhage that she had.  She spent all her money and to no avail. She was too timid to ask, and too embarrassed to verbalize her condition in front of people. She thought if I just touch Jesus’ garments I will be healed. She did just that and was healed. Jesus, in realizing that power had left him, turned around to see who the person was. To reprimand her? Of course not, but rather to praise her for her faith. She did not even ask, and yet she was healed. She had a strong faith. For this reason Jesus stopped. Jesus healed her more than physically, but emotionally. Now she could be in peace. This was possible because of her strong faith. Jesus wanted this demonstration of strong faith to be a moment to teach others about their faith. 

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Vincent Clemente



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