As members of the Body of Christ, the parish of St. James, Lake Placid, Florida proclaims our belief in the message and mission of Jesus Christ. 

"Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age." (Matt 28:19-20)

With God's Grace, the example of Jesus, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we seek to live out that belief as a community of worship, of shared faith and of service where each member shares with others the gifts and talents received from God.


25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

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Mass Times

Saturday Vigil - 4:00 PM
Sunday - 9:00 AM

Weekdays (M - F) - 9:00 AM
First Saturday of Every Month
9:00 AM (with Anointing of the Sick)
Holy Days
7:00 PM Vigil, 9:00 AM Morning

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Our priests

Fr. Anthonio Jean and Fr. Victor Caviedes

Administrator Fr. Anthonio Jean (right) and parochial vicar Fr. Victor Caviedes

 Fr. Anthonio Jean was born in Haiti, moved to the U.S. in 1998 and was ordained a priest in 1999 by Bishop Nevins in Venice, FL. He has a Masters degree in Spirituality from the Catholic University of America. Fr. Jean speaks several languages, including English, French and Spanish, and plays "a little" guitar. He came to St. James in November 2015 from Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles in Bradenton after serving at several parishes in the Diocese of Venice.

Fr. Victor Caviedes was born in Peru. After studying in Peru and Spain (he has a degree in Social Psychology and a doctorate in Philosophy), he moved to the U.S. in 1997 and was ordained along with Fr. Anthonio in 1999 by Bishop Nevins. Fr Victor came to St. James in December of 2015 from St. Catherine Parish in Sebring.


Prayer after disasters

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events            


September 23rd, 5pm - Parish Spaghetti dinner, social hall  CANCELLED

spaghetti dinner

Fourth Saturday of the month after the 4 o'clock Mass in the social hall.
Spaghetti, meatballs, roll, salad and dessert. Coffee, tea, water, wine.
$9 at the door or $8 in advance (purchase from the church office). 

September 27th/28th - First Day of Bible Study. Wednesday 10am, Thursday 7PM. Social Hall.

October 1st - Prayer Chain for Life. 2-3PM. Meet 15 minutes early in the Bank of America parking lot.

October 7th - Clergy Appreciation Day.

October 8th - weekly Chaplet of Divine Mercy begins before the 10am Mass.

October 13th -Messengers of Divine Mercy. Friday. 3PM. Chapel.

October 22nd - Fr. Anthonio and Fr. Victor anniversaries of ordination.

October 28th -  Spaghetti Dinner. Saturday after the 4PM Mass. Social Hall.

spaghetti dinner


Message from Fr. Anthonio

Scripture Reflection!

What do we usually do when we have been hurt by friends and family who are close to us? We have several different options open to us as we face these challenging moments.

We could just pretend that the offense is not there and swallow our feelings to avoid any escalation of conflicts. But feelings left buried do not remain buried. Eventually those unaddressed emotional injuries come back to the surface, and probably hurt us stronger than before.

We could also try to get even with our offender, thinking that they should suffer just as we did. We think that it isn’t fair to let them get away with it. The problem with this path is that usually we do not settle for equal retribution, but we hurt ourselves more and we often create more problems than before.

We could also choose the path of talking things over one on one, express guilt and regrets, and offer true desires for reconciliation through mutual love. This way requires from both parties love, courage, and compassion to go beyond the self, the ego. But this way holds the hope of real healing and reconciliation. This is the way proposed by Jesus in the gospel.

Both parties must be willing to welcome the invitation and express true desires to let go of things and move on with love. If you love someone, the love itself corrects them, quite often without your having to say a word.

Today and more than ever before, it is the prophetic role of the Church and each individual to continue to preach, to teach, to correct, to reprimand with love, and to reconcile.

The gospel calls us not just to denounce people’s sins, or to criticize them, or to expose them to shame but most of all the gospel calls us to support and correct each other with love toward reconciliation and peace. The first reading of today's Mass says that we must speak up warning the wicked to turn from their ways so that they can live. If we do not speak, their failure is on us.

The Church must always be a community that does not drive people further into isolation but one that calls them into the life of fellowship through love and forgiveness. Our strength as a community is found in the life and teaching of Christ Himself.

Let us welcome and follow the message of Paul reminding us to always love each other and to be supportive of each person who seeks reconciliation with us. We owe it to each other.

May God bless you all!

Fr. Anthonio JEAN

Pope Francis on Twitter

Pope Francis smiling

September 21st: "I appeal for peace and disarmament: in this world wounded by violence, we need fraternity among peoples."

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